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pokemon radical red online gba

pokemon radical red online gba

(0 Reviews) June 19, 2024

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June 19, 2024
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“Pokemon Radical Red” is a Completed GBA Rom Hack made by Soupercell. It’s a difficulty rom hack based on pokemon fire red with all pokemon, moves & abilities upto gen 9.


  • All Pokemon From 1 To 9 including Paradox, Hisuian, Galarian & Alolan Forms.
  • Pokemon Follows You.
  • Ash Greninja.
  • Mega Evolution.
  • Z Moves.
  • Dexnav.
  • Dynamax/Gigantamax.
  • Physical/Special Split with Fairy Typing.7
  • Hardcore Mode/Randomizer Mode.
  • Brendan, May, Gold and other Anime Characters.
  • Moves and Abilities Upto Gen 9.
  • Raid Battles.
  • Challenge Kanto & Johto Gym Leaders.
  • Rematches With Gym Leaders.
  • Reusable TMs Along With Few New TMs.
  • Use HMs Without Teaching It To A Pokemon.
  • Day & Night System.
  • Any Time Pc Access.
  • EV Training Gear.
  • Day & Night System.
  • Gen 8 Exp Share.
  • Any Time Pokemon Healing.
  • Additional Move Tutors.
  • Team Rocket.
  • And More In The Offical Source. (Excess It from source link)

Change Log


General Changes

  • Added Scarlet & Violet DLC mons/moves with several caveats:
    • Moves Dragon Cheer, Tera Starstorm, Syrup Bomb were not implemented
    • Abilities Tera Shift, Teraform Zero, Supersweet Syrup, Poison Puppeteer, Ogerpon Tera Forms, Terapagos Stellar form were not implemented
    • Terapagos simply comes in its Terestal form
    • With the introduction of Archaludon, Mega Duraludon has been removed
  • Added Character Customization – talk to the dresser in the starting room
    • Male character has options of Gold, Lucas, N, Alain, Nate, and an extra costume that can be unlocked further into the game
    • Female character has options of Serena, Lyra, Cynthia, Geeta, Marnie, and an extra costume that can be unlocked further into the game
  • Added new OST: 
    • HGSS Rival theme (plays in Gary fights)
    • Improved upon G/S/C Gym Battle theme
    • HGSS Kanto Trainer Battle Theme remix – plays during basically any miniboss that doesn’t already have a custom theme (For instance, the weather route trainers)
    • HGSS Kanto Gym Leader theme remix (replaces the E4 theme)
    • SV Arven Theme (plays during Puzzle battle and fights against the Dumbass trainer class)
    • BW N Final Battle theme (plays during Giovanni Cerulean Cave Tag battle)
    • HGSS Legendary Beasts (plays in any wild battle with Legendary beasts or its paradox forms)
  • Small new areas that can be unlocked when the roaming legends are activated:
    • Silph Co has an additional area with a small spinny puzzle, a new item drop, and Raging Bolt static encounter
    • Pokemon Mansion has an additional area with a sliding door puzzle, a new item drop, and Gouging Fire static encounter
  • Added Monotype option for New Game Plus which can be redeemed through the Mystery Gift option by the Pokemon Center assistant
    • Receive 6 random Pokemon of the codes corresponding type (Excluding legendaries and fully evolved forms)
    • Code is the respective type with first letter capital, i.e Fire, Water, Grass
    • Can only be redeemed once per run
  • New code to encourage shiny hunting! Redeem in New Game Plus Mystery Gift at the PokeCenter by talking to Nurse Joy.
    • Code is “Shiny” case sensitive.
  • Added custom shinies for numerous Pokemon, full list can be found further downDarkster also made a video showcasing all the new custom shiny sprites here with timestamps!
    • Many of these shinies are very similar to their normal palettes which can be underwhelming. They have been made more distinct to be more rewarding.
  • Shiny odds updated from 1/4096->2/4096, Shiny Charm boost updated from 3/4096->6/4096
  • Safari Zone is now treated as a normal area (do not need to use bait/rock/Safari Balls etc) and has a new area accessible with Surf. This area has a raid den that includes the Toxic Chain members,  Moltres/Moltres-G static encounter, and some new grass encounters.
    • Dev note: it was a bit weird for Moltres to be accessible much further into the game compared to the other Legendary Birds (even if it is a R/B/Y reference), so this resolves that and allows for a more rewarding legendary to encounter in Victory Road. 
    • Safari Zone being another area enables DexNav usage, which wasn’t possible before.
  • New signature items:
    • Electirizer – When held by Electivire, boosts Fighting moves by 50%
    • Magmarizer – When held by Magmortar, Fire moves that deal damage lower target’s Speed by 1 Stage, and inflicts tar on the target.
      • Note: if target is already afflicted with tar or is at -6 speed, the Magmarizer effect will not trigger
    • Upgrade – When held by Porygon-Z, boosts Speed by 50% but prevents the use of the same move twice
    • Burnt Seed – When held by Sunflora, boosts Fire moves by 50%
  • Added mysterious new Pokemon as an Easter Egg
    • It can be obtained from the Route 2 trade in exchange for Furret
  • All Pokemon obtained from in-game trades now have IVs of 31 in all stats, and are female Gender (except Ursaluna Blood Moon)
  • Trade of Hatterene for Grimmsnarl in Cinnabar has been changed to Ursaluna for Ursaluna Blood Moon
  • Minor team changes to several boss/mini-bosses for inclusion of new S/V DLC Pokemon
    • Notably buffed Lance’s team in Cerulean Cave fight
  • Erika Rematch now gives Ogerpon as a reward for defeating her,
    • Hearthflame mask in the new Cinnabar Mansion section
    • Cornerstone mask from defeating Jojo fan in the Power Plant
    • Wellspring mask on the ground in Seafoam Islands
  • Minor wild encounter changes to allow for earlier accessibility of Clobbopus, Crabrawler, Slowpoke, Foongus, Fomantis, Chingling, Natu, Bergmite, and Cryogonal
  • Updated some of the alternate textbox frames in the Options Menu
  • Victory Road Moltres/Moltres-G encounter->Walking Wake
  • Walking Wake roaming legendary->Terapagos
  • Many Mythical legendaries that were unobtainable in Species Randomizer have been added to the pool
    • In Scaled Randomizer they are accessible after beating Clair
    • Only Pokemon that are unobtainable are Arceus and Eternatus
  • Battle sprite improvements for: Rellor, Rabsca, Flittle, Espathra, Great Tusk, Roaring Moon, Scovillain, Brambleghast, Armarouge, Ceruledge, Quaquaval, Sprigatito, Chi Yu, Basculegion M/F, Wyrdeer, Roaring Moon, Scovillain, Gholdengo, Chesnaught, Cinderace, Iron Treads, Walking Wake, Sneasler and others
  • Icon improvements for Chi Yu, Chien Pao, Kingambit, Clodsire, Meowscarada, Quaquaval, Skeledirge, Houndstone, Garganacl, Iron Thorns, Scovillain, Rabsca, Palafin-Hero, Dondozo, Dachsbun, Orthworm, Veluza, Baxcalibur, Espathra, Zoroark-H. and many others
  • Regigigas is now available in 6 Star Mt Moon Raids
  • Tutor in Fuschia now teaches Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, Bulk Up, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, and Meteor Beam.
  • Dragon Dance Tutor is now in Victory Road.
  • The Pokemon icons are now animated in the Summary Screen moveset menu and Nickname Screen 

Quality of Life Changes

  • Replaced Sound type (Stereo, Mono) in Options menu to Music On/Off. Sound Type will be defaulted to Stereo. Toggling Double Battles is now also available in Options menu.
    • The Music option can toggle the background music, sound effects like cries and attack sounds will still be on. It does not persist through saves so you will have to toggle it off after resetting if so desired. Changes to music setting will only take place after a scene transition (going into a battle, changing maps, etc)
  • Added second page to Options menu that displays game mode information, and an option that allows you to change R Button Mappings (Dexnav, Bag, Pokemon menu)
  • Added Dream Patch item that switches ability to Hidden Ability and vice versa, replaces the Saffron City NPC
    • Dream Patch can be bought by the Saffron City seller, most occurrences of Bottle Cap have been replaced with Dream Patch
  • Added Set To Level Cap option to Pokemon Center assistant, available if player enabled the Rare Candy cheat (Woyaopp on NES)
    • This option sets Pokemon to Level Cap immediately, but it skips evolution and learned moves 
  • Improved Vermilion Gym Puzzle
    • The bottom right-most trash can and top left-most trash can are always the switches. Pressing the wrong trash can also doesn’t reset the switches.
  • Re-Added Stat Scanner as item (can still access from clicking A on summary screen, but some people enjoyed having Stat Scanner registered as an item for convenience)
  • Added switch in message for Ruin abilities & Supreme Overlord
  • Added informational text after beating relevant bosses that the Level Cap increased
  • Added Level Cap info to Stat Scanner, remove Level Cap info option from Nurse Assistant
  • Added low HP notification back in (the beeping noise when your health is in red), but it only beeps for a few seconds
  • Now when redeeming Care Package cheat, if the player is already in the middle of the game they will receive care packages that they’ve missed.
  • Quicker HP Bars – HP Bars move at a constant, faster rate regardless of their HP count

Move/Ability Changes

  • Forewarn replaced with Toxic Chain
  • Supercell Slam 100 BP->120 BP
  • Alluring Voice Move Tutor added, replaces Iron Defense in Saffron
  • Ability Bad Dreams now bypasses Sleep Clause

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ability Pill not working in Ability Randomizer
  • Fixed not being able to receive Nymble-S from Seviian Egg
  • Updated cries for Paradox forms and several other S/V Pokemon that had placeholder cries
  • Paradox forms now have a separate Dex entry
  • Fixed Shed Tail substitute being wonky and disappearing visually
  • Fixed Gems potentially causing a crash when attacks are used against abilities with immunities
  • Functionality of Eviolite preventing Evolution has been removed
    • This “feature” was more confusing than it was helpful, so we’ve decided to remove it
  • Made the sliding battle intro sliding animation static to avoid consistency issues with the intro animation for wild grass
  • Fixed ordering of the Gen 9 Pokedex
  • Fixed Koffing not evolving to Weezing-G at night
  • Fixed Indeedee Male Shiny 
  • Fixed Palafin follower sprite
  • Fix some Strength Boulders in Seafoam Islands potentially resulting in a freeze
  • Fixed Rare Candy forcing evolution feature not working on Lv 100 mons
  • Fixed crash when interacting with Raid Den when you have a DexNav scan in progress
  • Fixed Starter Egg giver having incorrect information about starters available
  • Fixed spelling error in Primordial Sea ability description
  • Fix Gossifleur cry being bugged
  • Fixed Sizzlipede-S, Centiskorch-S not having a cry
  • Fixed old Type textbox sticking out under the Type icon in TM Case
  • Fixed Nurse outside Victory Road not refilling PokeVial

Refer Change Log From Game Related Stuff For Full Change Log!

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