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Sneaky Sasquatch ipa

Sneaky Sasquatch ipa iOS

(0 Reviews) May 11, 2024

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May 11, 2024
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What's New We added lots of new things including: - A hospital where you can work as a doctor! - An ambulance that you can drive as a paramedic! - Lots of new music! - Sasquatch can now be hurt, so look both ways before crossing the street! - Lots of small new surprises! - Two new secret vehicles


** Apple Arcade Game of the Year Winner! **
Live the life of a Sasquatch and do regular everyday Sasquatch stuff like:
- Sneak around campsites
- Disguise yourself in human clothing
- Eat food from unguarded coolers and picnic baskets
- Play a quick 9 holes at the golf course
- Adopt a lost dog and take care of it
- Go fishing at the lake
- Cook sausages on an engine block
- Crush cars with a monster truck
- Get chased around by the park ranger
- Dig up buried treasure
- Take a driving test and get your driver’s license
- Shred some powder at the ski hill
- Work as a doctor and diagnose patients with laboratory tests, xrays, and an electrocardiogram
- Buy, upgrade, and race vehicles at the racetrack
- Get a team of ducks to build upgrades for your house
- Rent an apartment in the nearby town
- Get certified to operate a forklift and unload cargo ships
- Work as an executive at a major corporation
- Get a camera and fill up a photo album with memories
- Work as a photographer at the local newspaper
- Watch television from the comfort of your own home
- Apply for a taxi license and drive people around
- Work as a security guard at the local port and file paperwork
- Have your disguises customized by a fashionable duck
- Play virtual arcade games like 'Parking Master' and 'Arcade Simulator' to win big prizes
- Take a ferry over to an island
- Get a surfboard and shred some waves to impress the locals
- Shop for furniture and have it shipped to your house via express delivery
- Buy a boat and catch some saltwater fish in the ocean
- Invest in a spaghetti-based business venture, and revolutionize the industry
- Go waterskiing, or take someone else waterskiing
- Carve pumpkins, go trick-or-treating, and celebrate Halloween
- Compete in battle royale snowball fight events
- Obtain highly accredited diplomas from late night television infomercials
- Dig up dinosaur bones and make a T-Rex skeleton
- Go scuba diving with your dog and explore sunken ships and pirate treasure
- Accidentally irradiate patients while working at the hospital
- Work as a police officer and write speeding tickets and other traffic violations
- Explore the sewers and smell terrible afterwards
- Modify your vehicles with rims, tires, and customizable parts
- Race in motocross events and do 360 spins
- Buy a cell phone and take your calls on the road
- Work as a delivery driver for a shipping company
- Forage mushrooms in exchange for dynamite
- Run a private campground on an island
- Be a substitute ferry captain
- Work as a crane operator while wearing night-vision goggles
- Advertise on local billboards to make your business ventures more profitable
- Play solitaire on your home computer
- Take advantage of your computer's extended warranty and break it on purpose for a free replacement
- Dance the day away by watching the music channel on your TV
- Run an election campaign for mayor
- Stock up on Cellular Phone Minutes and call your human friends to hang out
- Operate an exciting cargo elevator
- Customize the nearby town to your liking
- Pick out cool new outfits for all your human friends
- Smooth the flow of traffic by raising speed limits and removing stop signs and traffic lights
- Strap on some VR Goggles and experience an alternate reality
- Get a portable cassette tape player and rock out to your favorite in-game tunes
- Work as as a paramedic and save lives with your ambulance and gurney
- And more!

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