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(0 Reviews) May 05, 2024

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May 05, 2024
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Lightweight YouTube


  1. YTLite: A tweak that enhances the YouTube experience by removing ads, enabling background playback and offering over 60 customization options.

  2. YTUHD: This tweak unlocks 1440p (2K) and 2160p (4K) resolutions in the iOS YouTube app.

  3. YouPiP: Enables native Picture-in-Picture feature for videos in the YouTube app.

  4. YTABConfig: Adds a new section named "A/B" in the YouTube app settings where all features can be toggled freely by the user.

  5. YouMute: Allows users to mute/unmute videos directly in the YouTube Video Player.

  6. DontEatMyContent: Prevents the notch/Dynamic Island from covering 2:1 video content in YouTube.

  7. Return YouTube Dislikes: Brings back Dislike counts under YouTube videos using ReturnYoutubeDislike's API.

  8. iSponsorBlock: Skips annoying sponsor ads inside YouTube videos.

  9. YouRememberCaption: Makes YouTube remember your video caption setting.

  10. YTNoTracking: An iOS YouTube Tweak that disables Tracking Parameters in the YouTube App.

  11. YTUnShorts: Remove Shorts from YouTube app's feed.

  12. YTNoCheckLocalNetWork: Blocks the Local Network permission popup in YouTube.

  13. BigYTMiniPlayer: Jailbreak tweak that makes the miniplayer in youtube easier to see.

  14. YTSpeed: Adds 2.25x to 5x playback speed options in the YouTube video player.

  15. YTHoldForSpeed: Allows you to quickly toggle between a selected video playback speed by tapping and holding on the video player in the YouTube application.

  16. YTVideoOverlay: A helper tweak that adds buttons on the YouTube video overlay.

  17. YouQuality: Enables you to view and change video quality in YouTube faster.

  18. YTNoModernUI: This tweak changes and removes some newer UI elements from the YouTube app such as some rounded buttons, old progress bar, and old buffer bar.

  19. OLEDDarkmode: Replace official Youtube darkmode with a true OLED darkmode.

  20. OLDDarkmode: Replace new official Youtube darkmode with old (grey) Youtube darkmode.

  21. LowContrastMode: Makes the YouTube Interface Low Contrast as possible to make it easier on the eyes.

  22. YTNoSuggestedVideo: Removes the suggested video popup when finishing a video.

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