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Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM

Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM

(0 Reviews) May 21, 2024

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May 21, 2024
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Download the official Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBC ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM or GBC file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information

Pokemon Crystal Clear is a GBC ROM Hack by ShockSlayer based on Pokemon Crystal. It was last updated on January 23, 2024.

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An open-world crystal hack.

Pick your starter, and your region, customize your character, and then do whatever you want. You can collect all 16 badges, challenge the new E4, catch all 251, rechallenge a gym, and visit new places… There are a lot of things to do.


Open world

Pokemon Stadium 2 compatibility

Start in any town from Johto or Kanto

Select from 24 starters

Character customization

Pokemon palette customization

Scaling Gyms and Trainers

Pokemon follower

Gym rechallenges

Map changes (area expansion and new areas)

New move tutors (Egg move tutor, Future move tutor, Gen 1 TM move tutor and Event move tutor)

Chaining and Footprint system (to help get the perfect Pokemon and hidden power)

Improved Pokedex interface

Buy a residence in any town

Loads of other improvements




Nothing has changed about anything I wrote in the 2.5.9 changelog preface. If you haven’t read that, I suggest you do. That said, there was a very strange bug found exclusively when using hardware that could randomly crash when opening the start menu, and that is obviously unacceptable. The other bugs were extremely minor and could’ve been left unpatched, but hey – if I’m already here…might as well.

Quality of Life

Between shinies and powerful auras, there’s no shortage of unique battle start messages. That said, as I’ve watched people play the game, there’s one combination of DVs that always gets fanfare when it happens to come up. As a direct result, I’ve chosen to highlight it in game as well.

A quick animation and message will play when finding a species with all zero DVs. Soft resetting will also be locked until the battle starts, like shinies are.


Fixed start menu crashing under odd hardware circumstances when playing on certain hardware

Fixed Daycare menu account not printing correctly during the Bug Catching Contest

Kenya’s reset status will now be properly displayed by the Dex

Fixed Morty’s Set 11 introduction text being incorrect

Fixed a minor issue with some of Fibbef’s text

Pigy oinking outside of the box should be fixed, but it’s up to him.


Quality of Life

Thief now knocks the item out of the enemy’s hands for later collection when used outside of link battles.

Added SUPER NERD COSMO to the randomized Underground Arena trainers, to increases the chance that the Power Bom music will be unlocked during a single run of the arena, if RANDY isn’t encountered.

Added a few more secrets to Cherrygrove Bay.

Added an easter egg with Pigy if you understand the fundamental mechanics behind Crystal Clear’s advanced features.

Battle Tutor Updates

Aipom: +Lovely Kiss, +False Swipe

Dodrio: -Swords Dance

Fearow: +Swords Dance

Machamp: -Swords Dance, +Mach Punch

Ursaring: +Swords Dance


Fixed Pigy not rendering correctly due to his increased acceleration

Fixed one of the Ruins of Alph puzzles not working correctly

Fixed having a follower dig out of the Forest Path working incorrectly

Moved a Maniac on Route 42 over one tile for similar reasons

Fixed the Day Care menu account option incorrectly displaying gender in some cases

Adjusted a footprint location on Route 25 that was too close to the map border

Fixed Battle Tutor not checking for HMs

Fixed the Region Map and Unown Tablet having odd behavior when attempting to sell them

Fixed evolution stones and the Tradeback Guy circumventing Nuzlocke handling

Fixed attempting to print Unown forms and the Cianwood Photographer softlocking Stadium 2

Fixed music system causing inconsistent behavior in the intro sequences

Several text fixes



Menu account hotfixes.


Fixed chaining menu account displaying over 250

Fixed daycare menu account exploding when egg moves were present

Fixed default menu account exploding when exiting the pack

Fixed some visual inconsistency with the default menu account

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