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Pokemon Spark Yellow ROM GBA

Pokemon Spark Yellow ROM GBA

(0 Reviews) May 21, 2024

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May 21, 2024
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Download the official Pokemon Spark Yellow ROM in the (USA) version for the Game Boy Advance handheld consoles. To fully utilize a GBC ROM game, use our Cheats, Rom Hacks and GBA Roms sections. You can open the Pokemon Spark Yellow ROM or GBC file by Installing VisualBoyAdvance on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS/iphone.

Additional Information

Pokemon Spark Yellow is a GBC ROM Hack by SteppoBlazer based on Pokemon Yellow. It was last updated on March 8, 2021.

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Spark Yellow is a hack I wanted to do for quite a while, everything started when I was little, for my bday I was supposed to get a brand new spanking Yellow, instead with the money my moms gave to my pops, he went out and bought a second hand console with a second hand yellow cart. At that time I did not know and just seeing the console and the cartridge was something divine.

But then when I popped yellow in and turned the gbc on, ferk me was in Spanish and i was not able to understand a single word of what was going on, so from that day on I spent countless nights and days with my at the time child intellect, thinking how cud I change the game language.

That event is the one that shaped my life as is right now, and drove me to the world of videogames. Thanx dad for been a cheapo ass, anyhow fast forward to few years ago, I stumbled upon dannye/pokeyellow-gen-II repo and observing it I had an idea… Why do not I make my own version of Yellow using this repo as a base? So Spark Yellow was born!

This hack follows the standard Gen 1 storyline, aside from few twist and turns to enrich the lore of Gen 1 universe. Graphics have and will be almost all worked from the ground up, new revamped yellow mons sprites, revamped trainers sprites, new OW sprites, new tilesets and if I can figure out how I cud add some GSC song for the towns that currently share theirs with others. 


Graphical Features

• All Trainer Classes sprites have been revamped, some have their female counterpart and some are brand new from beta leftovers such as soldier and firefighter.

• Each City has its own tileset, so no more standard white houses for the entire region.

• Each internal map will have also its own tileset when required, like for example Seafoam islands or Cerulean cave, just haven’t got that far into drawing internal tilesets.

• Every mon sprite will be revamped from the ground up, currently 30 or 25 of them have been done so far, still got some way to go but I’m doing my best.

• Some OW sprites will be also redrawn to be consistent with their battle sprite, like bugcatchers or blackbelts. Currently few have been redrawn.

• New OW sprite for Surfing Pika and also brand new Flying Pika.

• New interface for trainer card and pokedex.

• Brand new backsprite for Player, Oak and old man.

• Bicycle turned into Skateboard cuz why not, Heck yeah!

• Tweaked title screen.

Pokemon features

• All 151 mons will be obtainable.

• All unobtainable mons of yellow version can be found in the wild, for example Jynx in Seafoam Islands or Meowth around the Routes surrounding Saffron City.

• All mons wild locations have been updated to either JPN Green’s way or Red and Blue’s.

• Night mons spawning locations also added. During nightime some water mons might come out to feed, who knows where they will be lurking… (This feature is tighted up to the day/night system).

• Eevee can be obtained in Celadon same as the og way, in the game corner as prize and by trading with an NPC.

• Mew will be the a roaming legendary.

• Moltres no longer is situated in Victory Road but in a new map.

• Pikachu can evolve as before using Thunder Stone.

• He can learn surf and fly. 😉


• Fixed all known bugs of Gen 1.(check out my repo if you want more in depth info regarding such, link will be at the bottom of this post.)

• Tweaked the way Trainer AI works to make the game more challenging(check out my repo if you want more in depth info regarding such, link will be at the bottom of this post.)

• Tweaked how the Battle core mechanics work to match Gen 2 Standars, when feasible off course.(check out my repo if you want more in depth info regarding such, link will be at the bottom of this post.)

• Infinite use TMs.

• Restored Gary’s losing quotes.

• Added Item descrition to bag.

• Running shoes mechanic with Pikachu not lagging behind player, faster biking and surfing.

• No more annoyig surfing music inside dungeons.

• Every mon has its unique sprite in the Party Menu.

• Shiny mons implemented.

• All mons have gender.

• Tweaked Gym Leaders and E4 roasters.

• Cerulean Cave has same layut as JPN Green’s version.

• Supe basic day/night system with night exclusive mons.

• Fix unfinished unused song and renabled it to play in Viridian City.

• Added Fairy, Steel and Dark type.

• Updated weakness and resistance table to account for new types.

• Surfing minigame unlocked.

Possible Features to be added

• Berry system

• New moves

• Adding some new mons

• Giving mons new type

• Following Raichu

• First mon in party follows

• Basic happiness system for all mons

• Raichu Surfing minigame

• Gender Selection

• Eevee instead of Pika

• Roaming Mew

• New internal map Cinnabar Volcano

• Automatic Repel System

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